Response Formatting

All responses from the API are formatted as JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) objects containing information related to the request, and any status. Every modern language should have libraries capable of quickly parsing JSON objects. See for more information.

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For JSON decoding libraries in common environments, see:

All responses from the API will include some information related to the processing of the request, such as the following:

Field Type Description
version string Current API version used to process the request.
account_id integer The staff account that the request was made on behalf of.
host_id string Checkfront host account to which the request was made.
name string Display name of the company the account belongs to.
locale array Contains the following fields:
locale -> id string Selected locale for the account (eg. en_US)
locale -> lang string Selected language for the account (eg. en)
locale -> currency string Selected currency for the account (eg. CAD)
request array Contains the following fields:
request -> status string Status of the request. WIll be “OK” on success.
request -> resource string Resource accessed by the request.
request -> records integer Number of records returned by the request.
request -> limit integer The limit on number of records returned (where applicable).
request -> page integer The current page returned for multi-page requests.
request -> pages integer Number of pages of response records available.
request -> time float The time taken (in ms) to generate the response.
request -> method string HTTP request method used in the API request.

If any critical errors (e.g. failed credentials) occur, the API will not return any of these fields, but will instead return an object containing any available error information.